Disclaimer: Senti content ahead. It doesn’t matter if you’re averse to emotions. I’d still want you to read this one.

It’s not often that despite being at the Delhi airport, I do not get mesmerized by the beauty that suffocates the air. Rather, I don’t happen to remember even a single time that I had failed to cherish the scene here. But what diverted my mind anyway? Well, I had quite some time before boarding commenced, and so I pondered: What was that thing, which had chucked my sleep last night, and I had changed sides inconclusively; Why was I feeling emotional in my hollow tin chest? But more importantly, was that girl looking at me?

Anyway, let’s see then. Maybe because I was going away from home, away from my parents. Maybe because it was the last time I had had such an extended vacation, and I had spent most of it on my phone and laptop. Maybe because I hadn’t talked to them enough, and had walked away every time the opportunity knocked at the rotten door of my heart. Maybe I was worried for my mum, because she was worried that I’d lose weight once again. Maybe I was not sure that they’ll be able to pay the bills online, although they had done a pretty decent job in the last year. And despite feeling all that, I couldn’t cry my heart out. Maybe because this wasn’t the first goodbye I was bidding them. And this time, I was supposed to be a grownup. And grownups don’t cry, you see.

As I delved deeper, I realized there was more to it : The fact that I was about to be a senior, was more than a kick in the shin. Maybe because this time, I’d know what to expect. Maybe because there’d be juniors who’d expect me to know what to expect. Maybe because I had just watched Great Expectations. And I didn’t like it one bit. Maybe because there will be no more first experiences: the first day, the nervous introductions, the first birthday (not literally) celebration, the first crush, the first T1 (these kids will never know the pain), the first outing to get over T1, the first workshop experience( and how it sucked even more in the coming classes)… Oh! And maybe some of them I may never do again.

As I boarded and was seated comfortably in the ever agonizing middle seat, I tried looking at it in a different light; maybe it’s not gonna be that bad. It’ll be the first time I’ll be called a senior, the first advice I’ll give as a senior(anything but academics), the first time I’ll be on the other side of the inductions desk, the first time I won’t have the introvert coming over to haunt me( you never know for sure),  the new friends I’ll be making, and of course, the new memories that’ll keep resonating in the depths of my heart- and if anything goes wrong, I’ll look back at my first year and say, “You survived one whole year all by yourself amidst two thousand unknown faces. You’ve grown now. Maybe not ten feet tall, but surely enough to see yourself through tough times. ”


up and up.jpg
It’s kind of mandatory to click an airborne picture of the campus. But capturing all the elements that make a picture a work of art is a skill. Ananya Shivaditya deserves an applause for that.


And then I saw our picturesque campus, a thousand feet below, glimmering in the setting sun with a soothing hue of crimson and yellow, reminiscent of so many adventures that had taken place there and so many that were to follow. Every doubt that I had, every fear that had circled my mind for days and the emotional turmoil that was triggered some time back, all seemed to die down. Soon I arrived at my destination, but I knew I was en route the journey of another magical year.


The serene sun and the soothing flowers you see on top are the gifts of nature. It’s Madhur Dodeja’s gift that he captured them perfectly.


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