Disclaimer: You won’t like this post if you’re one of those engineering exceptions with huge biceps and a chest worth dying for. Regulars may march ahead.

FYI, S.A.C is the student activity center, a place which is intended to be a recreational spot but sometimes, you wish there was a pool instead.  I went about it and soon realized that its sacredness must not be disturbed. Therefore, I stopped.  

The snoring guard, the incredible skies, the looming shadows and the SAC building- are there in one pic because Tom Jose is a great photographer and an even kind person.

It’s not often that a 100 m path appears to be as taxing as the swirling Snake Way (Hey there, anime lovers! For not-so-anime people, just take it to be the distance to your crush- no matter how close you are, you’ll never go the distance) It’s because when you’re having the time of your life in your bed with an arsenal of digitized visuals to satiate your thirst for entertainment, why bother to flex a few muscles and make use of one of the few cheap things your college offers, right?

You see, initially, a fresher is just like an excited electron in a higher energy state, exploring the multiverse and trying out every aspect of the college life- the gym is one of them. Now, having been brought up in a Bollywood obsessed nation, where body-shaming is such an integral part of our daily talks that I, being gullible as I am, wanted to have one of those chiseled bodies. So, without much thought, I imbibed the motivation and hurled myself into the gym.

Let’s go ahead with our electron analogy. As the law states, the electron must come back to its ground state, with an observable color change of the substance and a simultaneous emission of energy (I might be missing a few key terms here. Please don’t judge me, it’s been a long time and I’m too big a sloth to Google the bloody rule). Well, the color change did take place. I don’t know why or how, but I guess the instructor had mistaken me for Dwayne Johnson, as he asked me to do three sets of pull-ups, with ten reps each. I don’t exactly remember after how many of them, but my face- it became a hue of red with a tinge of embarrassing pink. As it went on for a week, the color shifted to a ghastly pale and I knew it was time for the electron to return to its ground state before it got itself knocked out of the atom.

“Badminton! I used to play badminton” I murmured subconsciously as another grueling gym session had deprived me of my consciousness and I had partially passed out on the stairs outside when my gaze fell on the adjacent badminton court.

Click. Click. Click. After a few more clicks, I realized that I had just spent a big chunk of my monthly allowance on a glimmering racquet- something which would turn out to be another addition to my timeless collection of crap. Yet, there it was, and there I was, battling with a relatively strong opponent in an actual, real life badminton game.

If the word nice was modified to describe a game that ended with a score of none to eleven with the vanquished crying over a twisted ankle, then yes, it was a perfectly nice game. Needless to say, thoughts pertaining to football, cricket, basketball and every other thing which involved excessive maneuver of my limbs in order to maintain my belly pot as a sexy flat stomach, never crossed my mind again.

Now Da, my friend in salvation, always has this inebriated kind of advice. It makes sense only when you’re high and he’s not. On rare occasions, it might be good enough for sober people too.

Just like any other day, he was eagerly waiting to give his sermon on how to go about our messed up lives.

“Why workout to impress others? You don’t have to have a carved body, Macha. Take pride in what you are. Hitting the gym twice a day while forgetting your purpose here surely won’t help you cast a good impression. There are limitations for everyone. You gotta respect them.”

“Oh !”

“And you don’t have to be good at everything. It’s fine to suck at few. So what if sports are not your forte? You can still enjoy them without having the urge to win at them. You should learn to take a few things lite.”


“Stop acting like a retard, please.”

“Oh alright. Care to join me for a game of football in the central lawns?”

“I’ll pass. I’m hosting in five. It’s time for CS: GO right now”