Disclaimer: This post has certain descriptions which might reflect your characteristics and you might wanna curse the author for disclosing them in a nonchalant way. Reader’s discretion is advisable.

It’s not often that I felt like studying. But then, when you have already bet your engineering degree on your to-be CGPA, time is a luxury you can’t afford.  So, in rare circumstances like the compres, I had to get my head cleared to fill it up with formulas which were going to last at most an hour after the exam. But things aren’t that easy in college, are they? Gazillions of objects can divert your attention, just like the bullet which was diverted mid-air and hit President Kennedy (trust me, if you ponder over it, the reference is not that poor). Hence, I needed to push myself to go to the library, because I didn’t want to end up in a pile of tissues in my bed (wiping off my tears because I had wasted the entire day). And if you are (were) an AH6 resident, you don’t wanna be reminded of that walk of doom.

Being an Indian, I had learned it at a very young age that if someone’s offering you something nice, for a somewhat reasonable price, something’s fishy. And since it’s Goa, it was always gonna be fishy (I swear that was the last PJ for this post). Coming to the catch that came along with the luxury of studying in an air-conditioned troposphere sitting on those comfy chairs: you’re not the only one who savors it. And during the compre time, the scene evoked the writer in me and I couldn’t help but paint it with words.

So, the first battle that you need to fight is to get a seat near a charging point; and it’s a surprise to me that no matter how early you reach the place, there would be no vacant charging points. There was always this cute girl and her ‘friend’ occupying those benches. You circle the entire place, check upstairs and finally peep inside the digital library, although it’s a moo point looking for a place there- it’s as if there’s a secret registration to get a PC reserved for you, and you’d always been ostracized. Then, gathering all your courage and hiding your discomfort, you go to the first place- the cute girl with her friend. Remembering all the manners you were taught back in school you ask politely, “Are you using the charging point right now?”, and both of them give you the look as if you’d asked them their CGPA. After a few rejections and a couple of dents on your self-respect, you get a place.

Now, depending on your luck and your terms with that bitch named Karma, you’d get one of the three categories of people as your neighbors- the first and the most prominent species inhabiting the realm of library are the ‘ghots’ or the ‘maggus’: the kind of people who’d have studied the entire syllabus days before the final exam and are just sitting there to enhance your attribute of self-loathing; to make you realize how dumb you’d been to waste your time before and how pathetic your situation is. On a rare occasion, one of them might even walk up to you to ask a ‘doubt’. You might wanna do a Mayweather on the spot and break his jaw, but you don’t work out either, so you just simper and say, “Sorry man, still have to cover this part”, and he walks away but you could see his grin in the shadows.

The other type of people are the annoying couples and trust me, I’m being very kind with my words when I say annoying. They’ll keep taking breaks in between and do all that lovey-dovey stuff; stuff for which people get beaten up if they’d have been in U.P. In case you’re wondering they’d stop those ‘gestures’ if it’s making you feel awkward, then you’re in for a disappointment- they, like the ‘ghots’ just wanna make you realize your pitiable life in college. And by chance if you’d have thought that the lounge is actually a place where people study, then think of it this way-the lane isn’t the best place to find love so the lounge is where I go- yeah, they just took that song way too seriously.  That’s just one side of the story: they actually end up getting better grades than you. And you’re like, “Hey, what were you whispering in each other’s ear, Poisson’s distribution?” Sigh.

And the last possibility might be that you find a seat on the same bench as your friend. As you might have guessed, you wouldn’t miss out on bitching just because you have an exam the next day- first both of you rant about the grading system, then about the other friend who’d said he was sure to flunk this semester but was already soaring high above the average, then you gradually move on to the last two years which were so great and how you ended up in this place, then you discuss the possibility of a God, and how weird it would be if time travel was possible and the paradoxes associated with it. Just when you’re out of words, the librarian (or whoever that guy is) buzzes in and you have to talk about the next CARTOSAT satellite on your way back to the hostel. When you’re inside your room, your first words are-

“I’m not gonna go to that wicked place anymore.”

The next day, you find yourself knocking at your friend’s door,

“Dude, I’m going to the lib. You wanna come?”

And despite the multiple fiascos you’ve had at that place, you know you wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The majestic skies and the beautiful library of our campus that you see in this post was made possible because Akshita Soi didn’t forget to use her phone at the right moment. It adorns the words very well. I really thank you for letting me use it.


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